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Wednesday 8th November 2017

1. Hamad Alyami, Eman Dahmash, James Bowen, Afzal R. Mohammed (2017) An Investigation into the effects of excipient particle size, blending techniques and processing parameters on the homogeneity and content uniformity of a blend containing low-dose model drug. PLOS ONE 12(6): e0178772. (

2. Hamad Alyami, Jasdip Koner, Eman Z. Dahmash, James Bowen, David Terry and Afzal R. Mohammed (2016) Micro particle surface layering through dry coating: impact of moisture content and process parameters on the properties of orally disintegrating tablets. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. (;jsessionid=2A3386C8A225BC82AB2E2826B409143C.f02t03)

3. Eman Dahmash and Afzal R Mohammed (2016) Characterisation and surface profiling techniques fr composite particles produced by dry particle coating in pharmaceutical drug delivery. Drug Discovery Today 21(4):550-61. (

4. Eman Dahmash and Afzal R Mohammed (2015) Functionalised particles using dry powder coating in pharmaceutical drug delivery: promises and challenges. Expert opinion on drug delivery 12(12) 1867-1879. (