What We Can Offer

Our technology is the first dry particle coating technique for the pharmaceutical sector that will deliver multiple benefits including: No particle attrition or fracture; No heat generation; No contamination; No oxidation or interaction between components; High yield (>95%)

Aston Particle Technologies provides product development programmes, including feasibility studies, in various areas covering:

  • Formulation Development for Dry Powder Inhalers through controlled processing parameters
  • Solubility Enhancement for poorly water soluble drugs
  • Taste masking solutions for bitter tasting drugs
  • Particle Engineering for unstable drugs (heat/moisture sensitive/fragile)
  • Production of material with enhanced functionality (content uniformity of potent actives, flowability enhancement, compressibility enhancement)
  • Formulation of novel APIs in to suitable delivery systems

The product development programme will be supported by expert analytical capabilities, which underpin the key decision making process for successful product performance.

What Our Technology Offers You

Applying these technical advantages to deliver end customer value, our technology can deliver:

What We Offer

New levels of functionality

APT offers an alternative technology to challenging API's that show sub-optimal performance, enabling better outcomes (e.g., enhanced content uniformity, compressibility, flow-ability.). The process is cost effective and user friendly, being a one step process. The technology can then be used in taste masking of bitter API's as an optimal formulation strategy for paediatric formulations. The technology can also be utilised in enabling extra low (very good content uniformity) or extra high drug load (by enhancing flow-ability and compressibility).

What We Offer

Enabling formulation for challenging API's

Enables formulations of API's that would otherwise be dropped due to lack of appropriate techniques to formulate succesfully i.e. heat and moisture sensitive API and potent API.