APT Launches New Website

APT proudly launches a new website, showcasing its innovative iDPC technology with applications in respiratory, oral, and biological formulations – the future of powder formulation development. 

Aston Particle Technologies is proud to announce the launch of its new updated website, designed to provide comprehensive information about the company’s proprietary low shear isothermal dry particle coating (iDPC) technology for the pharmaceutical/biotechnology sector. APT is an IP-based company co-founded by Dr Ian Smith (Chairman) and Professor Afzal Mohammed (CTO) and led by Dr David Wyatt (CEO). 

The website will offer a range of upcoming resources for the industry, including R&D and manufacturing information, and educational materials regarding powder formulation development. 

Visit and explore the APT website to: 

  • meet the rest of the management leadership team 
  • discover how iDPC operates without use of solvents, heat or any other physical mixing aids 
  • learn how iDPC does not cause particle attrition, nor generate charges or triboelectrification 
  • gain insight into manufacturing scales and why iDPC powder formulations do not require rest periods/quarantining during formulation processing 
  • familiarise yourself with how iDPC can process high or low, mono-, bi- or triple dose combinations with industry leading content uniformity  

The website features an easy to navigate footer and header to explore iDPC applications within respiratory, oral and biological formulations. Visitors can sign up for email alerts to stay up-to-date on the latest news from APT, access upcoming webinars and R&D activity related to iDPC  formulation development.