APT’s Innovation Spotlight Talk at DDL 2022

APT’s Development Director Dr. Jasdip Koner, delivered an innovation spotlight talk at the brilliant DDL 2022 conference.

This was such a great experience from start to finish, made more enjoyable interacting and answering questions regarding our proprietary low shear isothermal dry particle coating (iDPC) technology.

iDPC manufactures precise and controllable mono, double and triple fixed dose combination dry powder inhaler formulations using QbD principles – access the talk below to learn more!

Follow the link below to access the talk:

Talk title: Isothermal Dry Particle Coating (iDPC) – Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) Formulations by Design: Controlled and Controllable Manufacture of Fixed Dose Combinations

If you would like to ask Jas or the team any questions, please feel free to contact us below.

Email: info@astonparticletechnologies.com