Are you currently developing a high-dose respiratory product (intranasal or inhalation)?

Click below to access the second of our two papers  from Drug Delivery to the Lungs (DDL) 2022 titled “Modulating the Fine Particle Fraction, Surface Area and Surface Energy of a High Dose Fluticasone Propionate Formulation Using Isothermal Dry Particle Coating (iDPC) Technology”, authored by Rhys JonesJasdip KonerShital Lungare, Amandip Gill, Isobel Clark, David Wyatt & AfzalRahman Mohammed.

This study demonstrates how APT’s proprietary low shear iDPC formulation/manufacturing technology can modify fine particle fraction performance, surface area and total surface energy of a high dose fluticasone propionate formulation by simply adjusting Critical Process Parameters (CPPs).

This level of control in dry powder inhaler formulation manufacturing would circumvent trial-and-error practices used with existing technologies and improve the efficiency of dry powder inhaler formulation development. Further research is ongoing to fully understand the effects of each of the CPPs on the surface area and surface energy of DPI formulations and their FPF performance. 
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