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iDPC Manufacturability

APT’s technology offers a novel, low shear, one-step micro/nano particle layering operation that processes materials without the use of solvents, heat, propellers, baffles as well as avoiding any physical or chemical change.


APT offers an extensive suite of formulation and process development opportunities including optimisation of lead candidates, pre-clinical development and a range of characterisation and analytical capabilities

Key Advantages of iDPC


Existing particle coating technologies often comprise of multi-step liquid based processes and operate at temperatures that are not suitable for heat and moisture sensitive materials. There is an inherent limitation in the availability of techniques for particle surface modification that do not chemically or physically modify the innate properties of the particle itself.

iDPC technology to date has been applied to applications in respiratory, oral drug delivery and biologicals.

iDPC presents many advantages over traditional blending technologies, e.g. low and high shear mixes of all types, and the current suite of advanced manufacturing technologies which require the generation of controllable and precise particles to achieve good dispersion and API delivery e.g. spray drying.


Small scale equipment for process development
Small scale equipment
Large scale equipment for process development
Large scale equipment

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