APT has partnerships with pharmaceutical companies utilising its proprietary iDPC technology to create innovative, patentable formulations of a range of APIs. 

We are actively seeking further partnerships and welcome the opportunity to discuss how our novel, scalable and cost-effective, dry particle formulation and manufacturing technology can provide formulation solutions for your small molecule and biological APIs. 

A typical collaborative programme starts with a feasibility study to assess formulation of the target API using iDPC. This can be followed by optimisation studies leading to a full development programme. iDPC technology is available for licensing for specific APIs and in defined fields.

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What We Offer

In pursuit of respiratory, biological and oral formulation market opportunities, we provide unique access to:

  • iDPC capabilities, highly skilled professionals and resources
  • Cooperative opportunities from pre-clinical to all stages of development
  • Scalable processes, optimised formulation and manufacturing control through Quality by Design with robust design spaces

To achieve this, APT offers access to formulation and manufacturing at scales:

  • Benchtop <1 to 20 g, for developments where API is in limited supply
  • Pilot up to 2 kg capacity
  • Semi-continuous at 10 kg/h under advanced development

APT has developed a scale-up factor based on benchtop performance. Furthermore, iDPC offers the benefits of processing sensitive materials without the deleterious effects of shear, heat and moisture.

APT has a dedicated team of programme managers, as well as formulation and material characterisation scientists who can support a broad range of reproducible batch sizes for: R&D, clinical studies or commercial supply.

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