We are attending Respiratory Drug Delivery Europe 2023!

Here at APT, we offer the future of advanced powder blending and formulation development with our patented isothermal dry particle coater (iDPC). 

Whether you are developing a low or high dose, biological, fixed dose combination, generic or innovator we can help! 

Access our low shear, scalable iDPC technology, analytical support, seasoned industrial management team and experienced career scientists to support your product development cycle from pre-clinical to early phase trials and beyond.

Feel free to arrange a meeting with the team at RDD 2023 (David WyattJasdip KonerAbdul Ershad) in Antibes from the 2-5th of May.

Email us (info@astonparticletechnologies.com) to pre-arrange a chat to learn more about APT and iDPC. 

RDD 2023 Europe Weblink: https://www.rddonline.com/rdd/rdd.php?id=22&sid=4